Happy Anniversary, Sam... When the Epileptic Eel fell for the Flopping Fish

A moment of silence for Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

I have to admit both of these people left their mark on me and that mark wasn't pretty. Farrah influenced my own version of "feathered hair", which really turned out to be "sticky wings above my ears".

And Thriller defined a few very awkward years of my childhood, involving a Levi Jacket with MJ buttons, a white glove, and white socks.

Happy Anniversary Sam! (Only One Day Late)

Okay, so some of you already know I blogged about our anniversary being today, only to be corrected by Sam in the comments. (It was really yesterday).

For the record, this does not count as forgetting, like in years past. This counts as remembering wrong. I am one step closer to becoming a responsible adult.

Instead of posting all the things I love about Sam (he'll do that on his own blog, I'm sure) I shall post about why it takes a strong, unique man to stick around me.

Sam Didn't Leave me When...
1. after three months of marriage, I made him quit his job so I could uproot our family and move us to Blackfoot Idaho for my job which paid considerably less than his job.

2. I accidentally spent almost $300 dollars on a book for one of my blog readers.

3. I threw a hair dryer at him.

4. I told him if he wanted another child, he would have to be up nights and wake up mornings with said child. (Beckham's here, so you know Sam agreed).

How Did Sam Get Me? (aka How Did Sam Get Stuck with Me?)
1. He played hard to get. (Meaning, he kept talking about another girl he wanted to ask out. I'm not kidding. He took her to a Jazz game.)

2. He danced for me. Have you ever seen an epileptic eel do the cha cha? Then you've seen Sam dance. It was that moment I knew he completed me, because I do a dance that resembles a fish out of water, flopping about. So, his epileptic eel completes my flopping fish.

Weirdest Thing about our Wedding Day
I don't know why this cracks me up.

Our wedding ceremony took place at about 10 in the morning. Sam and I got married, took pictures, and then went to lunch at the Lion House. Then we had about six hours to kill before the reception, and we didn't know what to do. (We were young. And stupid.)

I think the conversation went something like this:

me: "So, what do we do now?"

Sam: "Beats me. I guess we go home?"

me: "Okay, I'll just grab a ride home with my parents, and then we can meet up at the reception."

Sam: "That's great, cuz I've got some errands to run anyway."

me: "Um... Kay. Bye."

Sam: "Yeah. See ya."

It's true. So, I went to my parents' house, took a nap, watched a movie, and then Sam and I drove separate cars to the reception.

We so didn't know how to be married.

Coming up Monday, author Emily Wing Smith answers our questions, and we pick the book winners.

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I'm going to the Melting Pot to celebrate our anniversary. I don't know where Sam's going.