My Readers' geek status:
Do you like the show LOST? Well, then, guess what? You are a fellow geek! It’s no longer a title that’s only whispered in dark alleys. It’s official.

Entertainment Weekly has dubbed you all geeks. Welcome.
In fact, the exact quote is that Lost is "baring its potentially alienating geek soul and challenging its audience even more with gonzo storytelling."

Now, I don't know what "gonzo storytelling" means, but I would bet it's some sort of vulcan dialect.

Online gaming geek status
: I finally pulled out my feminine wyles. Wiles? Whiles? Okay, okay. it was my feminine vittles.

Travian is a gender-neutral game, but in my messages to my vicious catapulters, I mentioned that I am a weak girl, and doesn't that make them feel bad, knowing they are catapulting a weak girl?
Of course I am assuming they are all boys. (Truthfully, they are probably, like, 16 years old).

Anyway, I was able to talk two of them out of destroying my village, just long enough to become a member of an untouchable alliance.

So, rest assured, my village is safe and secure. And my settlers have voted to expand. They are so loyal to me. I don’t know what I’ve ever done to deserve it. (In case it’s not clear, settlers are not real people. They are my creations. Hence, the comedy. Cue the laugh track.)

If you know me, you probably know how much I hesitate to play the “weak female” card, but, come on. I have the lives of 410 settlers in my hands!

LOST: Anyone else think Locke’s definitely not dead? Anyone else want to toss Ben overboard?

And give it up for the smoke monster. Here here. Hear hear. Watching that guys arm get ripped off certainly made that smoke seem. . . solid.

Also, I am conducting a poll, on the right. It's a Jack vs. Sawyer poll. And to help in your decision, I have picked these educational videos. One is a compilation of Sawyer's nicknames, the other illustrates how funny Jack sounds when he speeds up. Please watch before you vote. This is very serious business.