The Power of a Picture Book

It may look like just a book...
OH, DADDY! by Bob Shea

But it's not. It's really magic.

Because this kid...
Kid B. Pulling a "Bieb". 

...loves OH, DADDY! Loves it.

And every night, as Sam is tucking him in, Kid B reads some of the words in the book. 


"Is THIS how you eat carrots?"

"Oh, Daddy! No, THIS is how you eat carrots!"

I hide in the hallway outside his room and listen. Because if you're familiar with Kid B, you know how rare it is to hear him speak.

Often during the day, he is unsure of the right words, and even more unsure of how to put them together. And too soon, he becomes frustrated. Hopeless.

But at night, he is confident in these words. And he speaks them loudly.

It's heaven. 

Do any of your kids respond to a book like this?