Kid C Speaks Chinese. Who knew?

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Chronicles of Kid C (Like Chronicles of Riddick, only better)
Kid C came home the other day from school, devastated.

kid C: "Brodi [yeah, he still calls me Brodi], did you know there are people who kill fish?"

I assumed he was thinking about the welfare of our new fish, Chopie.

me: "um... yeah..."

Kid C: "Did you know they kill them... and... eat them?"

me: "You don't say..."

Kid C: "That's bad, right? They're bad people, right?"

me (Only because I don't particularly like fish): "Yeah. Very bad."

Kid C: "They don't realize fish have lives. I saw a man kill a fish."

me: "Where?"

Kid C: "In China."

me: "When did you go to China?"

Kid C: "Remember that time I didn't come home for dinner? I was in China."

me: "Oh."

Kid C: "Did you know when you're in China, you have to speak in a different Lang-goo-ish. Or they won't understand you. Here's how I sound when I'm in China:"

I hope no one's offended by Kid C's fake Chinese...

I'm off for a writing day with Bree Despain. Which means I'm not gonna get a lot of writing done today...