A Change in the EVERNEATH Due Date... and I'm Giving Away a Surprise

Hey y'all.

I have an announcement. AN ANNOUNCEMENT!

Ahem: EVERNEATH will now be released January 24th, 2012. 

A few of you may have noticed the change on Mr. Widgy (on the sidebar) and I've had a couple people ask me about it, but I haven't had the all-clear to announce it officially until today. 

If you have Mr. Widgy on your own website, you'll notice they all automatically changed. 

The business reasons for the change are awesome! But I can't really go into them, except to say it means some bookstores are really excited about EVERNEATH. Not to be all cryptic or anything. 

And personally, I am looking forward to having a little more space between the holidays and my book launch. 

But it's always hard to wait. My editor ended her enthusiastic email with, "... and it's only three weeks later!" 

And on the outside, I was all, "That's nothing!"

But on the inside, I was all, "Do you know what could happen in three weeks? My nails could grow a quarter-inch! I could learn a new Zumba dance routine! The world could end!"

Although in reality, none of those things will probably happen, because three weeks is not very long, and I own a good pair of nail clippers. 

Now, on to the celebration, because we have officially passed the three-month mark! Again! And to make up for that cryptic "The reasons are awesome, but I can't talk about them" statement (because I really hate it when people do that) I am giving away an ARC of EVERNEATH.

Did you hear me? I'm giving away an ARC! From my own personal stash. 

To enter, simply leave me a comment in this post. One entry per person. No other hoops to jump through. 

So, be all, "Yay!" with me!